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Okage Rating
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Community rules

1. You must be a member to vote and fill out the application.
2. Do not flame or insult each other. Show respect for other members.
3. We're not going to bite you if you don't vote for others, but return the favor once in a while.
4. When posting a picture, you can post a cosplay picture if you want, but keep in mind voting will not be judged by the cosplay picture. So you must post a normal picture of yourself as well. This applies only if you do post a picture however. You are still free to describe yourself.
5. Be yourself. Don't act like a certain character just because you want them.
6. If you don't get stamped as the character you like, don't get upset. You can apply again after two weeks. However, you have a limit of being stamped three times.
7. So we know you read the rules, put "Stanley Hihat Trinidad XIV" in the subject when posting an application. We won't bite if you don't, but we will remind you. Please set an example.
8. Writing your application in rhyme will not get you voted as Epros. >:\

Voting rules

1. When rating someone, please use only the characters on the stamps page and please put your votes in bold.
2. Not really necessary, but it would be nice if you give an explanation why you choose that character for a person.
3. Do not insult or flame anyone. You'll be given a warning, but if you do it again, it's out for you.
4. After 7 days or 7 votes (majority rules), you'll be stamped by a mod.
5. Save the stamps to your own server.


Be sure to put the application behind a LJ-cut! If you don't know how to do one, go here.

Stamped members



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Have any questions for the mods? Contact us by email or instant message:

drivebywizard: [Email/MSN] resurie@hotmail.com; [AIM] anti anti vysr
mint_eclair: [Email/MSN] mekemeke-kukuri@hotmail.com; [AIM] Lunatic Eclipse

Note: Please contact only if you have questions or even a suggestion. Pranks, chain mails, and spam will not be taken amusingly.
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