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stanley hihat trinidad xiv is my HERO.

Name/Nickname: ashley/mog.
Age: seventeen.
Gender: female.

Likes: everything. :D but mostly video games. then comes anime, manga, reading, autumn, movies, musicals, tv, animals, reading, shopping, collecting, fangirling, and SLASHING. ♥
Dislikes: war, violence, mean people, heat, loud noises, small children, bugs that bite.
Hobbies: video games, being a dork, collecting, fangirling, music, reading.
Talents: i uh... my thumbs are double-jointed. -cough-

Strong Points: loyal, caring, forgiving, laid-back, passive, observant [...usually xD], optimistic, happy, understanding, open-minded, tolerant, good listener, easily amused, can't hold grudges.
Weak Points: extreme!procrastinator, paranoid, clingy, moody, shy, forgetful, can't say no, don't always stick up for myself, low self-esteem, easily annoyed, easily distracted, judgmental.
Points You Like About Yourself: uh... my strenghts, i guess. if those count. i like being me. 8D;

Mature or Immature?: depends. xD i'd rather be immature. but sometimes i find myself as the most mature one around me. and then i'm all like :c 'cause that's no fun, man.
Leader or Follower?: uhhh... do i have to choose? ;__; i hate leading. i hate being the center of attention, having all eyes on me. i don't like to follow, either. usually i just stand off to the side and be all like 'what's going on?'
Introverted or Extroverted?: i like to pretend think i'm extroverted. :D
Loud or Quiet?: quiet. i'm one of the quietest people i know. when i'm around certain people i never shut up... but normally i'm so hush-hush that people forget i'm even there... =__=;
Normal or Abnormal?: abnormal. only normal people are normal. i mean, come on.
Neat or Messy?: i'm a horrible neat person with everything except the stuff that belongs to me. :D my room is a mess, my spot on the couch is surrounded by clutter, my desk is a mess... but i clean everything else compulsively.
Optimistic or Pessimistic?: optimistic. nothing can keep me down for too long. i get over things really fast, and if i get knocked down, i get right back up and try it again, because it has to go right SOMETIME, right?
Hero or Stan -fake- Evil King?: the last one. being a hero is no fun. D;

What do your enemie-- er, friends think of you?: ohdear. well i hope they think i'm awesome cool enough because i am it would be sad otherwise. o__o;
Describe your personality in a couple of words: i am me. :D honestly i think that's the only thing i can say. xD
Your goal/dream?: i want to go to college. D: i want to open a wildlife refuge, and a cafe.

Color: NEONS. mainly neongreenorangebluepink. but. anything else is a+.
Animal: jackals, wolves, alaskan malamutes... 8D
Food: pocky???
Quote: "whatever you are, be a good one." - abe lincoln.

Situational Questions
If your friend was in danger (any situation), would you help them or leave them to rot and die?: help them, no question. ;__; i would be lost without my friends. i couldn't just leave them there!
If you found a wallet on the floor, filled with a ridiculously large amount of cash and about a dozen different credit cards-- would you take it to the police station; yell out "DID SOMEONE DROP THIS?"; keep it for yourself?; or deny being a follower and do something completely out of the taco box and make it harder for the raters?: i think i might just eat it. mmm, wallet.
Your shadow is suddenly giving you orders and calling you its slave?! What's your reaction?: first i would scream. then i would skip/cry tears of joy. :D
You've found an abandoned puppy in the rain. What do you do?: aww, puppy. ;w; take it home and dry it off and love it forever. ♥

Okage: Shadow King
Who is your favorite Okage character and why?: EPROS. who doesn't love a guy in eyeshadow? xD + he RHYMES. come ON.
Least favorite and why?: MARLENE. e___e i admit i felt bad for her/started liking her more as the game went along. but she's so irritating sometimes. xD
If you had a chance to spend an entire day with one of the characters, who would you choose? Note: You CANNOT choose Stan: aww, darn. D: i'd like to poke things with sticks with ari. that'd be fun. i'd say epros, but i'd have to punch him in the face after a couple of hours. :c
Favorite pairing?: NO PAIRING CAN DEFEAT STAN/ARI. i also enjoy some stan/epros plz&thnx.
Which character would you compare yourself to and why?: i... i don't know. ;w; ari maybe? because people ignore me/forget i'm there... xD
Human!Stan or Shadow!Stan?: shadow!stan. HE'S SO MUCH COOLER WHEN HE'S ALL.. -wobble.- ...i mean, he scares me when he's all human!stan. with his. hair. and his. pointy ears.

Anything else, human?: why, you wanna fight? ...i mean no, i think that's it. OH WAIT. DO YOU KNOW HOW HAPPY THIS COMMUNITY MAKES ME? DO YOU?!?!?! no i didn't think so. well it makes me very happy indeed. c:

Pictures or describe what you look like: just a picture. sorry if i burn your eyes.
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