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Stanley Hihat Trinidad XIV wants YOU.

Name/Nickname: Amanda/Azka.
Age: 16.
Gender: Female.

Likes: I've never really understood these lists. I mean, they're kind of broad, aren't they? I like nerdy jokes, and European chocolate. But I also like sarcasm and pointy jewelry. Breathing is also a favored hobby of mine. And something about ducks is just my proverbial cup of tea.
Dislikes: I'm not fond of closemindedness. Or loud noises. Artificial flavoring kinda pisses me off... but other than that, I love everything. Really.
Hobbies: I write. And I edit what other people write. I've been through a drawing stage as well, but mostly I just write, and I never let anyone else see what I've written. You want to know what I write? Well, too bad. I would rather ingest baby. (Although I have described eating babies as a great past-time... Hmm...)
Talents: I'm good with equations and most things math-like (minus the trigonometry, at least for now...). I've been told that my writing is good, and I've edited quite a few things (like I said before). I can sing remotely well-- though you would never want to see me dance. I keep things organized and balanced. I accept and love people for who they are.
Strong Points: I set a high standard for myself, and never seize pushing my limits. I look at a situation from every angle possible. I make people laugh, and am known for my love of helping everyone. I don't let myself get caught in the moment, and always live realistically.
Weak Points: My obscene openmindedness has caused me to find contradictions in everything, leaving me a tad cynical. Sometimes I let myself get caught up in the beauty of tragedy. I'm not very fond of emotions, and oftentimes I make myself guilty if I don't think my feelings are "right."
Points You Like About Yourself: I can make people feel better, I'm openminded, and I appreciate the little things that most people overlook. But I'm also modest... so this is very hard for me.

Mature or Immature?: Mature.
Leader or Follower?: I take on whichever is most needed for a situation. I've been known for doing my own thing, however...
Introverted or Extroverted?: Healthy medium, leaning a little more towards extroverted on some occasions.
Loud or Quiet?: Voice-wise? Er... well, I guess medium again. My voice doesn't carry at all in loud places.
Normal or Abnormal?: You decide.
Neat or Messy?: Neat.
Optimistic or Pessimistic?: Realistic. I can change how I percieve something at will. ^_^;;
Hero or Stan -fake- Evil King?: I do tend to play the hero, because of my obscene love for helping... but I've got a love of all things dark that goes way deeper. I hardly ever adhere to it though.

What do your enemie-- er, friends think of you?: I dunno... They think I'm serious, but funny. A little on the strange side. Smart. All that jazz.
Describe your personality in a couple of words: Supportive, balanced, sarcastic, me.
Your goal/dream?: There's this one guy I really want to have a family with, later in life... As for career-wise, I'm going to be a psychologist, and my goal is to get there.

Color: Green!
Animal: Ducks.
Food: Lo mein.
Quote: "The reason why people find it so hard to be happy is because they see the past as better than was, the present as worse than it is, and the future as less resolved than it will be."

Situational Questions
If your friend was in danger (any situation), would you help them or leave them to rot and die?: Help them.
If you found a wallet on the floor, filled with a ridiculously large amount of cash and about a dozen different credit cards-- would you take it to the police station; yell out "DID SOMEONE DROP THIS?"; keep it for yourself?; or deny being a follower and do something completely out of the taco box and make it harder for the raters?: Eh, I'd probably take it to the police, only because if I yelled, "DID SOMEONE DROP THIS?" there would probably be someone who would lie and steal the money anyway.
Your shadow is suddenly giving you orders and calling you its slave?! What's your reaction?: "...This is going to make for some very awkward situations."
You've found an abandoned puppy in the rain. What do you do?: Leave it. I mean seriously, do you KNOW how many people just let their dogs run around and bother people? I'd probably be sad and wonder if it would get home safely, but I'm not much of a dog person anyway...

Okage: Shadow King
Who is your favorite Okage character and why?: Stan. Because he's just so... hilarious, and sometimes he'll get all sad if people aren't paying attention to him. It's priceless. He also has a maniacal charm.
Least favorite and why?: Ari's grandmother, only because she says the same thing OVER AND OVER and gets very annoying.
If you had a chance to spend an entire day with one of the characters, who would you choose? Note: You CANNOT choose Stan: Aww. Well, if not Stan, than... I guess Kisling, or something. He's kinda cool.
Favorite pairing?: STAN/ARI, NO QUESTION. They're my second favorite pairing, ever. I could go into a long speal about how much it works, but... I don't think any of you want that.
Which character would you compare yourself to and why?: Honestly, I have no idea. I'm hoping you guys can help me with that.
Human!Stan or Shadow!Stan?: I haven't beaten the game yet, and supposedly he becomes human again or something? *shaaame* Sorry. I don't know. I love him as a shadow, buuut... I can't say.

Anything else, human?: If you touch my bangs, I will gnaw your hands off. ^_^ BUT I'M MOSTLY HARMLESS, I SWEAR.

Pictures or describe what you look like: Beware my face. :3 Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

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