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Stanley Hihat Trinidad XIV.

Name/Nickname: Amy (Aimless, Squeaky) <-- the two most common
Age: 27-- so the oldest person here :/
Gender: female

Likes: books, hanging out with my cat, talking about crazy stuff with my roommates, getting to spend time on my hobbies, Eddie Izzard, Stephen Colbert, Canadian and British tv
Dislikes: SPIDERS (I know they're not really evil and out to get me, but jeebus all those legs! it ain't natural), my job, when my car breaks down, stupid people who are loudly stupid and asshats about it
Hobbies: fibergeeking (sewing, spinning, knitting and embroidery among other things), reading, SCA (kind of fallen out of it though), playing video games
Talents: being a quick reader, placating my cat, exasperating friends and family, making things for my coworkers' children and grandchildren

Strong Points: uh... I'm very loyal to friends and family. I'm good with animals. I try not to be a jerk in public. I've been told that I'm smart, though I'm pretty sure that if that's true, it's not in practical or social intelligence.
Weak Points: self-doubting to the point of idiocy, cranky, shy, moody, disorganized, likes animals better than most people
Points You Like About Yourself: I'm quick to get annoyed but I don't hold grudges. I can be kind. I'm moderately creative.

Mature or Immature?: since I for some reason STILL expect the world to be fair and whine when it inevitably isn't, I have to say immature.
Leader or Follower?: I don't like to take the lead (I hate to be the center of attention); but if everyone else is standing around wringing their hands I might give them a push. ;)
Introverted or Extroverted?: there is nothing extroverted about me.
Loud or Quiet?: quiet. some people complain about it and I've invariably been teased gently about it after starting a new job.
Normal or Abnormal?: what is normal? I'd hesitate to say I was weird, but I don't just go along with the rest of the school of fish either. Of course I also often feel out of place, like there was a course on interaction that everyone else took and I was absent that day or something.
Neat or Messy?: messy. although I dislike it when other people mess with my mess. I know where everything is.
Optimistic or Pessimistic?: I tend to be pessimistic when it comes to myself.
Hero or Stan -fake- Evil King?: whoever has the best one-liners. :D

What do your enemie-- er, friends think of you?: I've been told that upon first meeting I'm a little bit scary or intimidating? because it's hard to tell what I'm thinking. One of my friends said he thought of me as a little black box, which is my favorite description ever. They also tell me that I'm a good listener. Oh, and they make fun of me for bringing a book to parties. I prefer to think of it as insurance.
Describe your personality in a couple of words: cynical, shy, reflective
Your goal/dream?: to live somewhere with a library, a craft room, a pool, and a beautiful view. I'd settle for not having to get up at 5 a.m. for work though.

Color: blue or green
Animal: cats, ravens
Food: chocolate is sometimes all that stands between me and homicide
Quote: "Somehow I have to believe I'm worth all the aggravation I cause myself" Ashleigh Brilliant

Situational Questions
If your friend was in danger (any situation), would you help them or leave them to rot and die?: if they were my friend, why wouldn't I help them? --I suppose it depends on the type of friends you have, but mine aren't the backstabbing kind, they're the 'family you pick for yourself' kind. Of course I'd help them.
If you found a wallet on the floor, filled with a ridiculously large amount of cash and about a dozen different credit cards-- would you take it to the police station; yell out "DID SOMEONE DROP THIS?"; keep it for yourself?; or deny being a follower and do something completely out of the taco box and make it harder for the raters?: much as I could use the money, I'd turn it in. Otherwise I'd feel too guilty. Not to mention, that's what I'd like someone to do if they found MY wallet, and also-- hey, they might give you a reward.
Your shadow is suddenly giving you orders and calling you its slave?! What's your reaction?: leaving aside any crisises re: the nature of reality as we know it... I'd probably insult, tease, or attempt to ignore it. I don't take orders well. It's not that I don't ask for help or directions, but I do not take orders ;P
You've found an abandoned puppy in the rain. What do you do?: take it to the vet and have it checked out/treated. Right now there's no way I could have a dog, so the next step would be trying to find a good owner and failing that, a no-kill shelter.

Okage: Shadow King
Who is your favorite Okage character and why?: I identify most with Ari, but my favorite has to be Stan, because he pretty much makes the game. I think he's absolutely hilarious (on so many levels, and I love the shadow possession and the turning-shadows-pink thing too). The things he says remind me a lot of my best friend at her most megalomaniacal (heh).
Least favorite and why?: hmm... I haven't gotten far enough to meet very many people, but I guess Julia, that skanky little ho. Ari can do so much better.
If you had a chance to spend an entire day with one of the characters, who would you choose? Note: You CANNOT choose Stan: Ari. I think we'd get along. He seems like the type you can just hang out with and not feel like you have to make conversation or something. People don't appreciate that enough, I think.
Favorite pairing?: Stan/Ari, which I blame entirely on Teh Intarwebs!1! as I would never have thought that way about the game otherwise.
Which character would you compare yourself to and why?: Ari, in the sense that he's "overshadowed" and tends to go along with people and events rather than directing them. I tend to go with the flow too.
Human!Stan or Shadow!Stan?: I haven't seen human!Stan yet o_O But there is something really adorably scary about shadow!Stan (don't tell him I said he was adorable).

Anything else, human?: abovementioned best friend has been so for over fourteen years now and is currently my roommate. And yes, she really is very Stanlike, not that she appreciated the comparison.

Pictures or describe what you look like: short, on the chubby side, medium length auburn hair, green eyes, glasses. Tendency to wear funky jewelry so I have something to fidget with when bored; tendency to carry funky purses because... uh, I llike unusual purses? (My favorite is the Chinese take-out box. Or possibly the car I got in London.)
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