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Stanley Hihat Trinidad XIV

Name/Nickname: Sam. And...Sam.
Age: 15
Gender: Female (I'd look better as a guy though..)

Likes: Reading, writing, video games, weird things, poetry, the cold, sleeping, fan art, long car rides, rain.
Dislikes: Spiders, the heat, the wind blowing in my face, 'Kaiwaii Desu!' fangirls, ignorance (either my own or others), not getting enough sleep, dead lines, getting my picture taken.
Hobbies: Sleeping, drawing, writing, twirling around and spouting gibberish.
Talents: I'm pigeon toed, so... I can bend my feet in weird ways? I've been told that I'm good at writing too..

Strong Points: (Forgot these the first time~) Calm, some-what intelligent, can see things in more then one perspective, likes to help people out just cuz.
Weak Points: Can get really annoying when hyped up on chocolate milk, doesn't like to be around people all too often, lazy, procrastinates, can't spell.
Points You Like About Yourself: Not many..? I like that I can role-play well enough, I suppose.

Mature or Immature?: Mature most of the time
Leader or Follower?: Follower.
Introverted or Extroverted?: Introverted.
Loud or Quiet?: With my friends: Loud. Without: Quiet.
Normal or Abnormal?: Abnormal
Neat or Messy?: Messy.
Optimistic or Pessimistic?: More like 'Realistic'? I change between both depending on the situation.
Hero or Stan -fake- Evil King?: Probably just a really lazy Fake Evil King.

What do your enemie-- er, friends think of you?: I hope they think well of me. I think that they think that I put myself before others a lot, and that I should probably stop calling myself useless. :/
Describe your personality in a couple of words: Tired, indifferent game addict..?
Your goal/dream?: To get into a good university, and end up writing scripts for future games.

Color: Maroon
Animal: Lizard
Food: Sushi Pizza
Quote: "Joy and woe are woven fine, a clothing for the soul divine." -William Blake, Auguries of Innocence

Situational Questions
If your friend was in danger (any situation), would you help them or leave them to rot and die?: Ah, help them of course! D:
If you found a wallet on the floor, filled with a ridiculously large amount of cash and about a dozen different credit cards-- would you take it to the police station; yell out "DID SOMEONE DROP THIS?"; keep it for yourself?; or deny being a follower and do something completely out of the taco box and make it harder for the raters?: I might take a bit of the money and take it to the Police station afterwards.
Your shadow is suddenly giving you orders and calling you its slave?! What's your reaction?: First reaction: "WTF! GTFO OF MY SHADOW!" Later reaction: "COOL My shadow is talking to me. Awesome." Goes off to ponder the different things I can do with such a thing..
You've found an abandoned puppy in the rain. What do you do?: Pick it up, and go find it some other nice caring family. I'm not a fan of dogs, but neither am I cruel.

Okage: Shadow King
Who is your favorite Okage character and why?: Epros, I'd suppose. Any guy who looks like that, constantly rhymes and floats around everywhere easily gets my vote.
Least favorite and why?: ...Big Bull, I guess. I'm not a really big fan of muscle heads...
If you had a chance to spend an entire day with one of the characters, who would you choose? Note: You CANNOT choose Stan: Epros, because it would be interesting to talk to him.
Favorite pairing?: This... Is a tough one... But I guess my absolute favorite would be the typical Stan/Ari.
Which character would you compare yourself to and why?: I'd suppose I'd be like... That guy who thinks he's invisible in Madril.
Human!Stan or Shadow!Stan?: Shadow!Stan, for the sake of the Stan!Flail.

Anything else, human?: I would really like a nap now, please?

Pictures or describe what you look like:
EDIT: Okay, I have pictures now. 'S a little late, but uh. Better late then never..?


The pictures and the model aren't very good. I was just trying to experiment with my new camera when I took these...

...I've been told I look like Mugen from Samurai Champloo. ._.

Ahh, sorry I seem so down. I haven't gotten any sleep in the past week and it's so hot out...
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