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Stanley Hihat Trinidad XIV!

Name/Nickname: Anna/Anya/Annushka
Age: 30 (god, I’m old ~_~;;)
Gender: female

Likes: candy, composing/playing music, sleeping, reading, being amused
Dislikes: mushrooms, getting up early, bright sunlight, really hot weather, mean people
Hobbies: composing music, video games, iaido, cosplay
Talents: can sing opera, can play several instruments, makes yummy soup

Strong Points: open-minded, empathetic, and usually nice/outgoing
Weak Points: easily depressed, a little sensitive, sometimes blunt
Points You Like About Yourself: um, I’m kinda tall?

Mature or Immature?: inwardly mature; outwardly immature (I usually don’t want people to take me too seriously, even though I often have serious things that I’m thinking about.
Leader or Follower?: for group activities, I like to be a follower
Introverted or Extroverted?: I’m pretty extroverted with my “immature” side, but not so extroverted with my serious side, which only comes out occasionally.
Loud or Quiet?: loud when I’m practicing singing…hehe. usually quiet, though.
Normal or Abnormal?: abnormal!
Neat or Messy?: I know where everything is, but others might say it’s messy.
Optimistic or Pessimistic?: pessimistic for myself, although whenever anyone else is down, I try to be optimistic for them.
Hero or Stan -fake- Evil King?: both can be fun; I like to keep people guessing!

What do your enemie-- er, friends think of you?: that I’m weird, spoiled, and conceited.
Describe your personality in a couple of words: morbid curiosity + spastic candy goodness!!!
Your goal/dream?: to sing opera professionally and full-time

Color: charcoal grey or dark brown
Animal: goats!
Food: red licorice, Swedish fish, unagi, tamales, barbeque, tea
Quote: “chireba koso, itodo sakura ha, medeta kere, ukiyo ni nanika, hisashikarubeki?” from Ise Monogatari
translations: Because it falls, we love it, the cherry blossom. In this floating (transient) world, can anything endure? from Tales of Ise

Situational Questions
If your friend was in danger (any situation), would you help them or leave them to rot and die?: I’d HELP them!!! definitely.
If you found a wallet on the floor, filled with a ridiculously large amount of cash and about a dozen different credit cards-- would you take it to the police station; yell out "DID SOMEONE DROP THIS?"; keep it for yourself?; or deny being a follower and do something completely out of the taco box and make it harder for the raters?:
I’d probably take it to the police station; or if I saw who dropped it, return it to them.
Your shadow is suddenly giving you orders and calling you its slave?! What's your reaction?: chagrin? I can step on my shadow! hee hee.
You've found an abandoned puppy in the rain. What do you do?: play with it

Okage: Shadow King
Who is your favorite Okage character and why?: Linda! cuz she’s hawt…er, I mean, because her horns are so cuuuuute!
Least favorite and why?: Kissling – he scares me ~_~;;
If you had a chance to spend an entire day with one of the characters, who would you choose? Note: You CANNOT choose Stan: can I play with Minty Alligator all day! he’s so cute!
Favorite pairing?: Linda x Stan?
Which character would you compare yourself to and why?: I can relate to many of them – Ari because my family’s pretty strange like his, Linda because I sing, Epros because I write bad poetry XD Rosalyn because I like swords…
Human!Stan or Shadow!Stan?: Shadow Stan!!!!

Anything else, human?: CHOMP!

Pictures or describe what you look like:
with glasses
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